Monday, February 27, 2006

U-Haul U-Suck

Here's a colorful rant. I hate U-Haul. Why, you ask? Well Saturday started my long and literally painful experience with U-haul. It took us 45 minutes to get a crappy truck that I had scheduled two days in advance. It took this long because the woman that was suppose to be helping us said that she had to step outside to check our truck. However, when we inquired as to what was taking so long we found her outside attaching a hitch to someone else's truck. N0rmally not such a big deal but we weren't getting the truck till 4pm on a Sat which doesn't leave much light to move furniture.

We finally did get the truck and I signed a paper that said that I had read the operating instructions (I was informed not to worry they were in the glove compartment), and that I was going to bring the truck back clean. Oh, what a sense of humor this U-Haul company has, there was no operating instruction book in the glove compartment box! And clean, if by clean they mean torn interior, an inch of dust on the dash, the smell of a dirty motel, and 10 cig butts in the ashtray then clean it was!

We drove the truck 60 miles that day and I don't think we were able to get it over 55 mph and just for kicks sometimes, on the beltway, the spedometer needle would drop to 45mph for no reason. Silly truck.

At one point, some out of state driver cut us off and when we went to blow the horn it sounded like a pissed off whale. Not very intimidating I would imagine.

To top off the whole ordeal, I hit my head 3 times on the overhang; because once just isn't enough.

breath, breath, breath, breath, breath, breath,. Ok, back to normal.

In more exciting news...I went yarn shopping!

Here it is, all I will need to make my first pair of socks and a hat for Mamasita! I have never made socks before and went to my LYS (local yarn store) without a pattern or guage requirements. I am pretty sure I trust the ladies that work there but if, due to the size of the needles they sold me and the bulk of the yarn, I end up with one sock that could fit Big Bird instead of two cute , size 7.5 socks I will be upset.

I am going to make a really cute floppy summer hat for Mamasita out of the grape and vines cotton yarn. The maker of the yarn is Wool in the Woods. I've never worked with it before but it feels as though it will maintain a nice shape for the top of the hat and allow the lower portion to flop appropriately. We shall see.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This is an Aran scarf I made for a coworker. it took me about 4 hours to make. I used TLC acrylic yarn. I think it's a little too wide and will probably use a smaller crochet hook next time.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

A purse I made about two years ago. I don't know the project name, it was one of those Joann Fabric free project things. I wish the handle portion had been wider. I lined the inside with an olive green cotton fabric that has roosters on it.

What to say, what to say....

Ok, so it's official. I'm here! I'm a blogger...a knit and crochet blogger. Is that dorky? Do I care? I choose no and no. Here's what I am, a young, sexy, nongrandma craftster. I think I am just genetically programed to work with yarn. My great grandmother Meme (how could you not love a little old lady named Meme?) would crochet all day in her later years. And I have fond memories of my grandmother crocheting all day. She would make pot holders, wash clothes, etc for all 11 of her children. Can you believe 11? I mean, ouch! It is because of these two women that I believe that it was just built into my DNA, I have no control, I am meant to create things with yarn. I crochet, knit, hooklatch, cross stitch, sew (not very well but have made some articles of clothing). While I do not share this craft with my mother I do believe that she bestoyed upon me the creativity gene. So anyway, here I am... As I thoroughly enjoy reading about other bloggers lives and interests I will induldge myself and talk about MEEE! Narsisstic or not, I don't care, I am here to introduce myself. My name is Sara, although being that I was born in a year where every other female was named Sara or Sarah I sometimes choose to go by my middle name, Kirby. I started crocheting when I was about17 and recently learned to knit. Being that I grow bored easily if my hands aren't moving I can usually be found knitting or crocheting while watching television. I have no shame, I will even work with the yarn in front of friends and family. If a friend should come over for the evening, I will pour them a glass of wine and enjoy their conversation but this will not prevent me from picking up the hook or needles. I live on the east coast, born and raised. I love east coast culture. I have lived on the west coast, it's not bad, friendly enough, warm, but not enough coffee shops and cynicism for my taste. I work full time as an Office Manager for an Architectural Firm. How did I wind up here? Is this what I want to do? How long do I have to do this? When will I be financially secure enough to do what I really want (to be revealed later)? What are other 20 somethings doing? Constant questions I ask myself daily. Well, I'm at work and should probably focus on what I get paid to do? Until later, bye!