Monday, April 30, 2007

Reasons for Knot Knitting

Well, not much knitting has been done lately.
Two weeks ago I finally pieced together the Central Park Hoodie. That same weekend I packed up all my winter clothes and unpacked last year's summer wardrobe. It was somewhere during this clothing transition that I also transitioned to my other favored crafty pastimes. I pulled out fabric, patterns, needles and thread, beads, etc. I put away a lot of my knitting yarn and needles.

Much like my knitting pal Esotarika, I'm feeling the need to sew summer tops, summer skirts, and quilt goodies and do other such lighter crafts. My desire to knit has diminished for the time being.

So, I got out some beads and strung together a couple of summertime bracelets! These are so easy to make, brighten up a summer outfit, and are a very quick project if you are looking for instant gratification. I'm sensing that I have a color pattern here. I never seem to incorporate more than two colors. Hmmmm?

This weekend's warm weather blew in the promise of spring growth so I went to a local nursery and picked up a hanging Fuchsia plant. I had to find a plant to hang from the ceiling in my house because my cat (Bobi) has a not-so-subtle desire to eat/maul/and eventually kill all plants that he can get his teeth into. So I bought this beautiful large hanging Fuchsia and (here's the part I'm proud of) I drilled a whole in my ceiling and hung it! I realize this doesn't seem like a big deal but I'm no expert in the field of power drills and other such tools. So, I climbed on a chair and began knocking on the ceiling. This was my beam finding method, the ol' knock-till-it-doesn't-sound-hollow-anymore, what can I say I'm old school and don't own a stud finder. So I found a beam, drilled a hole with my Black and Decker drill and installed my first hook. Voila!

Then I hung my pretty, pretty plant! Hello pretty pretty plant! May you blossom and thrive in this spot I've chosen for you and may you be protected from the vicious Robert (pronounced Row-Bear, the cat).

Eventually it is suppose to blossom and look like a less blurry version of this:

I also completely rearranged my living room this weekend. I'm just feeling the need for overwhelming change and growth. Since I'm not in a position just yet to change or grow myself I'm changing my environment and bringing in new growth.
Here's to a summer full of both!
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2 Months

The last two months have been intense. They have opened my eyes. They have brought new challenges, excitement, disappointment, fear, and happiness.

About two months ago I stated that I was going to finish my Central Park Hoodie in time for Valentine's Day. Well, that didn't happen. Even though we ended up getting a huge snow storm on that day, I didn't go into work. I lazied around the house organizing stuff instead.

Then, two weeks later, I applied for a job. A job that I have been planning for for four years. A job that I had envisioned my entire future around. A job I couldn't stop talking about. A job in a different state. A job I spent everyday for two months looking on Craigslist to research relocating for. A job that I got two interviews for. A job...that I didn't get 2 months later.

Devastation set in. I felt lost. I didn't have a plan B, why should I? I am perfect for this job. Everyone agreed, "You're going to get the job, stop stressing." they would say. But I did stress, I stressed for 2 months. And then when I got the standard rejection email I just let go of all the stress, I cried, drank wine, ate fatty food, watch movies, and slept. I know that no one died and I wasn't given life threatening news, but to me it felt like a death of a different kind, the death of my dream/plan . My great friends came over bringing with them wine, cheesecake, Chinese food, and pizza. I've been indulging ever since. I'm working on creating a new plan, I'm applying all over the place, I'm readying books that are suppose to help you find a career direction. And I'm trying to stop the indulging and start the calorie burning instead.

So now, two months later, after all my stress and constant mental saturation I have finished the Central Park Hoodie...kind of.

Here's my concern, see how it's starting to pull in the center by the edge? Well, now I'm worried that blocking won't be enough to even out the tension. I know I should have blocked each piece separately but I'm impatient and wanted it to be done this Saturday.

Hopefully this weekend I will get it all blocked out, just in time to shove it in with the winter wardrobe to be put in the basement.

I also finally went back to the pottery store and picked up my lovely little painted by moi vase! I call her Le Fleur Blu.

Even though the last two months have been somewhat taxing emotionally I must say how extremely happy i am to have such supportive friends and family.

Recently, my childhood family (family I grew up with) got together for Passover. It was the first time in 3 or 4 years that we've all been together and it was the first time in more than 10 years that we were all together, without extended family, in our old house, which is now owned by my stepfather. The original 6 are Mom, Mr. Ken (Step Dad, whom I have been calling Mr. Ken since I was five), Adam (Older stepbrother), Tara (stepsister), Me, and Dylan (younger half brother). This is the household family that I grew up with since the age of five. I love them dearly and hold onto the moments when we get to get be together. Although we are all growing up and some of us live in different states we still manage to keep connected.

And just because she's so darn cute I can't stand it, here's a picture of my niece, Lilly, and her Dora the Explorer slippers!

More knitting photos to come, I'm working on one or two things that should progress quickly!

Happy Knitting