Monday, December 31, 2007

Year's End

I cannot believe I have not posted in almost a month. This year has really flown by and I think it's pretty clear that since the startup of Ravelry I've been blog MIA.

Well, I have some big blog news!

On the last day of this year, 2007, I'm posting my final post to this blog name. It's been a good blog name but not one I ever really connected with or felt truly expressed who I was or my love of knitting.

Upon a recent survey with family and friends I've decided to rename my blog The Knitting Type. You can follow the link to view it, but please keep in mind that I just set it up so all my links and photos are not current and will be updated over the next month.

Now that the big announcement is out of the way I can finally post some of the things I've been knitting for the holidays!

I made three Mug Cozies for my coworkers: I filled them with hot coccoa, chocolate, and candycanes! You can ignore the zyrtec hershey kisses in the mug above, my coworker gave them out as a joke. Sorry the photo is so dark but I forgot to take photos of them at home and had to use my cell phone camera at the office.

I then made a knitted swatch bangle for another coworker: all her jewelry was stolen recently when her house was robbed so I figured she deserved some new jewelry!

Lastly, I made for my friend Kristin an Irish Hiking Scarf. She and my friend Gabe have been bugging me to make them something hand knit for 2 years now. And since I am not the speediest of knitters Kristin received her handmade knit first...Gabe will get her's next year.
This year I also made 2 Ballband washcloths for my friend Bridget but again, in all the rush to get christmas knits completed and wrapped I forgot to take photos.
I'm currently working on the Cardigan for Arwen but have huge plans for the next sweater I'm going to start! You'll be able to read about it on the new blog soon!

Christmas flew by this year. I decorated the apt., made the gifts, baked the cookies, went to the parties, and the next thing I knew it was Christmas morning! Mom, Dylan, Denny and I all had a great Christmas opening presents, laughing, and sharing in the holiday spirit. However, I don't think any of us had more fun than the family dog, Sally. She decided that this year her new gift from Santa was his hat. She proceeded to pull it out of our decoration box and wouldn't let it go for over 24 hours. By the end of all the celebrating the hat was torn apart and Sally was joyfully exhausted.
Hope you all had a joyfully exhausting holiday season as well!
See you over at my blog!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mama Said...

You Should Get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

You're a blooming artistic talent, even if you aren't quite convinced.

You'd make an incredible artist, photographer, or film maker.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Knitting for Christmas?

Some knitters out in the blogosphere and ravelry world are spending their time prepping for all the wonderful handmade knits they intend to give their friends and family.

Unfortunately, us over here at Yarncoffee can't consume enough caffeine to stay awake and get all our "promised knits" done much less our "holiday knits". I have about 5 or 6 knits on my holiday knit list and have not completed one, not one!

So, what have I been working on?
Well there was the scarf for my brother:

Keep in mind that I started this scarf last January, after I gave him this (see link) hat for Xmas! I thought it would be nice if he had a scarf to match. But doing 6ft of a ribbed stockinette stitch can entertain for only so long so I put it down for oh, 10 months! It was well received at his family birthday celebration and I think he'll get some use out of it this winter.

Then I had the promised hat to my friend, Bridget:

I promised this hat to her last year when we were up in NY. We went to the EMS store and she found a white cable knitted hat that she loved. I told her not to spend the $40 on it then because I could make her one. Ever since then, for about 7 months now, every week or so she brings up the hat and asks where it is. So, without a doubt I had to get that finished before I could start another project! So, here it is: (so is my Christmas tree, all decorated and pretty!)

I used the Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat pattern and made a few modifications. I shortened the wide cable and lengthened the skinnier cable. I also added a roll-up ribbed brim. Here's the top of it:

It turned out pretty well and I completed it in about 3 or 4 days.

But this is not a present, not really. She'll receive it next week! I still have 1 scarf, 1 market bag, 1 or 2 more hats, and one knitted bangle bracelette to knit up, and I would like to make a couple animal toys.

How, how am I suppose to get this all done when already the Christmas time invites are rolling in? "Family Holiday Gift Exchange" (1st weekend in Dec), "Come to our Ho Ho Holiday Party!" (2nd Weekend), "Wanna go to NYC and see all the decorations?" (3rd weekend inDec), and then it's Christmas!!!!!

How do you knitters out there in the blog world get it all done in time? Do you have any advice? Any secret tips to knitting while you sleep? I'm calling out to the masses for advice on getting through your December Holiday Knits!

Here's one last photo of the promised hat:
I think it looks much better on him than me!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Birthday Scarves and Balconies

The other day I noticed that buses and cop cars have their public transportation numbers painted on their roofs. I noticed this as I was standing on the third floor balcony of my new studio apartment in downtown Baltimore. So I asked my friend why they would print the vehicle numbers on the roofs when the pedestrians clearly aren't tall enough to read them. He supposed it was probably for traffic helicopters. I thought about this for a little while and decided that he was wrong. I informed him that I believed it was done purely for the visual pleasure of people with balconies in the city.

That's my balcony at the top center of the photo.

I'm in love with my balcony. It's very small but beautiful. The paint is chipping on the railings, that I'm pretty certain are not up to regulation for it's height (they stand about 2.5 feet tall and you could easily flip over one and *splat* on the street) but I love it's dirty, peeling, faded lemon yellow color. I love that its flooring was recently relayed even though I've found 2 rusty nails and two boards that had 4 sharp nails each poking out of it, hello tetnis. Mostly I love the view...

I can see almost all they way downtown if I look one way and all they way uptown if I look the other. I can also see the roof of the Belvedere Hotel which is one of the oldest Hotels in Baltimore, notorious for its celebrity citings, Owl Bar (a speakeasy during prohibition), and the 13th Floor (a club upstairs that claims to have to have the best view in all of Baltimore)!

I'm also loving the interior architecture of this old studio. The wall trim and window trims, the closed up fireplace and kitchen alcove. Coming from a four room apt to a two room studio (that's including the bathroom) I have learned how to maximize my small space with clever fabric draping and working with vertical space.

See that beautiful fireplace...see the candle abra on top of the red box? Oh wait that's not a red box! That is my clever disguise for my Tupperware container full of yarn! I draped red fabric over the ugly military green box and now it blends beautifully with the floor!

With all the moving (again) I've hardly had time to knit but I have managed to finish my birthday scarf, aka: Shifting Sands! I'm not thrilled with this photo but it will have to do for now.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I would have been fourth?

Which wife of Henry VIII would you have been?

So true!

Except for maybe the shoe thing. I like my feet and like to dress them up!

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Mother Always Knows

Some how she knew I was going to work in the Fashion Industry!

Even at such a young age my mother could see that I had the makings of a very fashionable girl. I mean who doesn't wear that hairstyle?

Thank you for the memorable gift Mamasita

Not Divorced, Sometimes Drunk, Now Covered in Cat Hair

It's here, it's here and I've already read the first couple chapters even though I am in the middle of two other books!

I can't believe other knitters aren't posting more about Divorced, Drunk, and Covered in Cat Hair!. I've enjoyed reading Crazy Aunt Purl's blog for over a year. As a matter of fact it was her blog that first introduced me to the knitting blogsophere, which is kinda funny considering she writes more about her life and less about actually knitting. I just connected, as many others have, with her raw honesty about where she was in life and how it was not what she had expected it to be.

So far the book has been exactly what her blog is like, funny, witty, and sometimes honestly sad. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest and learning from her experiences.

Although I am not divorced, never been married, I can relate to the Drunkeness that follows a great let down and life change. And now that I've had to move into a house recently where five cats reside I can honestly say that most the time I'm covered in cat hair. While I don't like that part of living with that many cats and I certainly don't like the smell of too many litter boxes or finding kitty vomit (looks like cat food covered in slime) in Tupperware containers on top of the fridge (roommates quickly threw containers away) I cannot stop myself from wanting to say hello to each cat, scratching there heads, and making sure there food is replenished.

All in all I would have to say the book is entertaining just like Miss Laurie Perry's blog. There are even a couple of knitting pattern at the back of the book!

Happy Knitty Reading!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3 Things

Three Things Post
I stole this from Annie's Blog at Knittibell.
1. Sara
2. Kirby
3. Kirbster
1. Kbiascut
2. Krbstr213
3. Yarncoffee
1. I have great hair...I think.
2. My upper back.
3. I'm compassionate
1. My calves
2. My eyesight, almost legally blind in my left eye.
3. I'm not as financially responsible as I should be
1. Irish
2. German
3. French
1. Death of loved ones
2. losing control
3. supernatural thrillers
1. Coffee
2. Lip Gloss
3. Coffee
1. Jeans
2. Red Toenail polish
3. Perfume
1. U2
2. John Mayer
3. Ingrid Michelson
1. Becoming financially responsible
2. Bikram Yoga
3. Applying to more jobs out of state
1. honesty
2. passion
3. laughter
1. My Step parents are named Ken and Barbie
2. I danced in the New York Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
3. I tried out for a Broadway show but only got a part in the chorus
1. Ambition
2. Sense of humor
3. Being open minded
1. Stay in one location for more than 2 years
2. Cartwheel
3. Aim
1. Knitting
2. Dancing
3. Sewing
1. Move to Boston, MA.
2. Find a stable living environment
3. Knit quicker
1. Whale Trainer, I will always blame the 6th grade guidance counselor for crushing this dream
2. Interior Designer
3. Store Owner
1. Ireland
2. Italy
3. England
1. Sophia
2. Sage
3. Aidan
1. Visit my three countries above
2. Fall in love again, and again, and again (even if it's with the same person)
3. Become financially stable (notice a theme here?)
1. I have short hair
2. I can have a short attention span
3. I'm actually not that much like a boy at all
1. My toe nails are always painted
2. I cry easily
3. I own almost every chicflick released in the last 10 years.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Falling into Knitting

I think that Fall is just the perfect time to knit. It's cool outside. The tree's changing leaf colors inspire warm orange, yellow, and red cable knit sweaters. And all the good television premieres are starting!

Although I have not been blogging that much in the past two months I have been knitting and crocheting.
In the last six weeks since I basically abandoned this blog I have started a new job working as a Buyer Trainee for a men's clothing company. I've never in my life loved my job more than I have recently. I'm using my two college degrees, working among peers who share my interests, and pursuing a career in an industry I have longed to be a part of. I've also moved into a house that has 2 other people, four other cats, and one dog living in it. It's been quite the adjustment period. Then, most recently, I cut all of my hair off. It was quite long and I was tired of dealing with it. It's completely different and I love it!
(I'm in the middle)

While all these changes have occurred one thing has remained consistent, I've been knitting and crocheting. I promised some photos in my last post so here they are:

(close up)

This is the granny square blanket I've been working on. I figure I have about three more sections to go and the border. Hopefully she'll be done before it gets too cold out.

This is Grumperina's Shifting Sands Scarf that I told myself I was going to make for my birthday (yesterday I turned 27). Naturally, I am the slowest knitter in the world so it's 1/3 of the way done. But I love the color and I'm using this acrylic (I know, gag!) that is the Vanna White line (I know, again, gag!) from Lion Brand. It's actually quite soft and I do like the color.

I have one or two gifts I'm working on currently for friends and family but being as they could read this blog I cannot post photos of them till they ready. However, I will be posting photos on Ravelry, so feel free to check them out there!

I'm also planning to get back on board for Socktoberfest 2007! I suffered 2nd sock syndrome last year while making my first pair ever. I completed one but the 2nd one was only knit to the heel and then I just got tired of working with small needles. So this year I vow to at least finish the 2nd one by the end of October.

So see, even though life has been crazy over here at yarncoffee, we have not forgotten to relax.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm Here!

Hi, I doubt anyone is still checking back to this being that it's been over a month since my last post but I wanted anyone who is checking to know that I'm still here and I'm still knitting/crocheting. I'm currently working on the same stuff from the previous post plus a blanket that i started to crochet similar to Kristin's (featured in last post).

My first month at my new job is almost complete and it's wondeful but has tacked on a 1.5 hour commute every day so I'm a little tired. Plus my at home computer is not letting me log onto Blogger for some reason. Plus I'm packing up my cute one bedroom apt. and moving in with a friend. I'm a little concerned because Bobi, my cat, has never lived with cats and this house has four other cats! I'm hoping that this exposure will make Bobi a nicer cat to live with. I'm hoping he'll stop biting me/people/in general. For this move I have to consolidate a one bedroom apt with kitchen and basement storage down to one bedroom. So I've had to organize a yardsale and make several trips to the salvation army. I've also been painting the new room, moving furniture out of it, etc.

All in all I'm completely exhausted and browsing my fav blogs when I've got a snippett of time during lunch at work. But I do plan be back and blogging soon, after the move, after I get the computer fixed, after I figure out how to get wireless internet in my new bedroom....after I figure it out.

Happy Knitting/Moving!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Deep in Scarves Creek

Finally I have been knitting!

I've just started a scarf called Forbes Forest! I am trying to get a jump on the winter wardrobe before Fall gets here. I'm just using acyclic yarn from Red Heart for the scarf but it's what I had laying around and figured there would be more than enough to make this scarf and perhaps a matching hat.

I've also made some progress on my Cardigan for Arwen! This has been a slow process for me which I started back in February but I do hope to have it mostly completed come October.

And last weekend when I wasn't knitting I was visiting these lovely little Angles/Devils (nieces Betty (7) on left and Lily (5) on right)up at Deep Creek Lake where my family was vacationing all week. I couldn't make it till Friday night because I was interviewing and training the new hire for my position. Although they are my sister's girls and technically my sister and I are not blood related, I like to think that my nieces look just like me!

Then yesterday I got to work (2 days left at old job!) and my wonderful coworker, Kristin (who crochets) brought in the most beautiful crocheted blanket just for me! I was so excited I kept it with me all day at the desk while I was training someone. She makes about 10 blankets a year and I've always coveted them.

More knitting this weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This post will contain no fluff, no pretty pictures, and no knitting updates.

What it will do is inform you that...

1. I got a new job! Effective August 6th I will be working the corporate world of merchandise management for a men's clothing company! This puts both of my degrees to work, go me!

2. I've been dating. Dating so much that I have little knitting time, thus no knitting updates.

3. I've been enjoying the summer. BBQ's, trips to the beach for the weekend, Happy Hours on patios in the city, dinner parties, and this weekend a trip to Deep Creek to visit with the family.

So nothing to show off but more will come soon, I promise.

Keep Knitting!

Monday, July 02, 2007


It was the Phillies versus the Cincinnati Reds! Bottom of the 8th, 5 to 6, bases loaded, full count, and a section full of Knitters!?! Wait a minute, is that right? Knitters at a baseball game? Who invited them, who knits at a ball park? These people that's who!

Last Tuesday night Bridget and I headed out to Philadelphia for a night of knitting and baseball courtesy of her parents who gave me the tickets as a graduation gift! Her parents had stumbled across this article online about this knitting group that travels around hosting knitting nights at baseball stadiums. They are a program of The National NeedleArts Association, Inc. and the group is called Stitch-N-Pitch.

Unfortunately, the closest game was in Philadelphia. Hopefully next year they'll host at Camden's and I can avoid the 3 hour commute home at 10pm. But regardless of traffic Bridget and I had a great time!

When you go to Philly you gotta get a cheese steak or it's just not worth the trip!

The stadium was packed that night! The Phillies won easily, sorry Reds.

Every Knitter who had a ticket to sit in the Stitch-N-Pitch section received a free tote bag full of coupons, a pattern, a Phillies magnet calendar, one skein of yarn in Phillies colors (red and blue), and one set of Clover size 11 wooden needles. These bags were abandoned for a while and I thought they're owners may never come back!

Here Bridget is learning to knit. (the two men sitting next to her were straight out of the movie, Grumpy Old Men! haha).

All that knitting makes Bridget very thirsty!

After much hesitation I finally broke out my knitting needles too! I'm not much for knitting in public but once the needles were out it felt completely normal! (here I am working on a scarf to match my brother's hat from last Christmas).

Bridget and I had a great time, the Phillies won, the food was great, and the knitting was plentiful!

Thanks Stitch-N-Pitch!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Grannies are Square

Lately, while avoiding work, I've been doing some research on the history of crochet verses knitting. Knitting has quite a bit more history to it and popularity. But one thing remains consistent through knitting's history, it's a social hobby. I'm not much of a social knitter myself, I always end up having to rip out whatever I knit when I am with a group because I get distracted and drop stitches or don't count.

While crochet can be a social hobby and developed into such it did not originally start out that way. It was taught to French and Irish women in the 1800's in order to help communities recover financially from economic loss due to wars and famine! It turns out that crocheted lace was seen as an symbol of status. Middle class could afford to purchase hand crocheted lace whereas only upper class could afford to purchase machine made lace. I suppose the opposite is true these days.

One could easily purchase a machine crocheted or knitted garment in a fine fiber for far less than it would cost to have one hand made specifically for them. Even when you are using lower grade yarn like Lion Brand or TLC you're going to end up spending $50 just to make a blanket that you could purchase on sale for $29.99 at your local Bed Bath and Beyond.

However, I believe it is in the knowing that every time you drape your handmade blanket across your lap or put on that handmade sweater that it took a lot of time and effort. This is what creates its true value. You will cherish it and hold onto even if it gets holes or starts to unravel.

Recently, I've switched from knitting to crochet. I have known how to crochet longer but once I discovered all the fun I could have with two needles verses one hook I dropped all my blanket projects and started planning sweaters. But since completing school and putting the books away for the summer I think I've wanted to retire the process of having to follow strict pattern guidelines. I just want to be able to sit and watch tv and let my fingers do the work while my mind takes a vacation. So, I turned back to a blanket that I started over a year ago. The classic Granny Square blanket.

I was also recently perusing the blogs and discovered the Grannie-Along CAL (Crochet-Along). I immediately joined up and went home last night to begin the granny square process. I already have 1 set (12) of 8 possible patterns done. I figured I could make 12 of each (12x8 = 96 total), and they measure 4"x4".
This means that I will have a blanket measuring 32"x48". Somehow this doesn't seem big enough to me. Roughly, 3'x4'. I think it should be 4'x6'. Hmmm, this is going to take longer than I would like. I think one year ago I had the naive hope of finishing it before last summer, haha, silly crafter!

So, in the mean time and in order to feel productive and quench my desire for immediate satisfaction I'm going to make this also! The Larger Than Life bag! I joined their CAL too! I plan on spending the majority of tomorrows work day picking out yarns and possible linings and handles.

I think I will also make this, Flora Kimono, at some point. While the yarn color scheme in the photo does not appeal to me I think some nice earthy tones would make it more fashionable look!

Happy Crocheting!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

3 Different Uses for a Washcloth

I have been knitting, I swear!

But it's hot and I had to graduate and travel and...I ran out of excuses.

Ok, so while I have yet to block my Central Park Hoodie and I have yet to photograph my Cardigan for Arwen I have been knitting. I promise.

But with the warming of the weather, the switching of the wardrobe, and the need to have an endless supply of freezie pops in my fridge comes the desire to switch from wool to cotton when knitting garments.
I decided to start off my Spring/Summer knitting with a some classic and oh so easy Mason Dixon washcloths!

Yes, it's true what everyone has been saying about them. They are quick and easy! I used Knitpicks Cotton/Modal blend and so far it's holding up pretty well. I was surprised cause I'm not a huge fan of Knitpicks yarn.

While I was taking my washcloths around the house for a photo shoot I was trying to think of the different ways to drape, use, and photograph the washcloths.

Here's what I came up with:

There's the traditional, "cover the facet with the washcloth you are currently using" shot!

The "this is how my washcloth looks next to my plates. This is how it will look when I am cleaning the dishes with them!"shot.

And lastly, "How about a tall cool glass of washcloth?"!
Happy Knitting!

It's Me!

Yay, I graduated! I'm smart! I have a really small piece of paper that states I paid way too much for an education that I could have gotten for a $1.50 in late fees from the public library!

The parents were so proud of their little graduate!

Naturally once I was done walking across that stage and moving my tassel over to the right what did I do? I went to Disney World.

My girlfriend, Kristin, and I enjoyed a lovely 4 day escape in ol' Mickey town.

In London, Epcot we saw the British Invasion.
In Morocco, Epcot we drank with a camel (he was very friendly).
We also got our tootsies henna'd.

And after a four day trip and many years coming Kris and I both finally earned our ears!