Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Works in Progress

One month later and the place is really starting to come together. We took one long and blissful trip to IKEA, Dad was so patient while I dragged him through the rooms. Although I am thinking that maybe we were all a little exhausted at the end of a long night of furniture construction. We got a bit rowdy and began threatening each other with Allen Wrenches! The walls are still a bit bare in certain areas but the necessities are in and now I am just waiting on the little things to make it a comfy home. Here she is:
Note that Mr. Giraffe is appropriately attired for summer! Also, my new curtains form Ikea! I LOVE them!

other thrilling and productive things I've been up to around the house is the instillation of energy efficient appliance parts. For example, Dad and I attached a "green" shower head!

It's funny and almost silly to me that I am at this age where I get excited at the idea of my apartment coming together. The thought that I have to finish hemming the curtains and attach some door sweepers makes me happy because it will mean that I am making this place my home. Perhaps there is a name for this, like onyourownitus?

Among other things progressing/ regressing is that Saunshine vest I've been working on it. I was doing a fine job...one month ago, plugging along using knitpicks black cotton yarn
, but then that yarn started to pill and I thought it would look too fuzzy. So I frogged it after about 10 rows. Then I began using the recommended Patons wool yarn. This was working out fine and I finally got to a point in the pattern where I could see the pattern taking shape (about 15-20 rows), keep in mind I only knit like four rows a night I have bad wrists. Then my girlfriend came along and said that the way I was knitting was creating really, really tight stitches. She then introduced me to the world of Continental knitting. I practiced this for a while and realized she was right and that if I continued with my vest using the continental style knitting the shape of the piece would start to warp.

So, what did I do? That's right, I frogged it a second time! I know am knitting continental and have completed 6-7 rows. I expect this piece to be done in 2 years, at which point it probably won't fit cause it's my first time using gauge and I will have probably messed it up. Still, exciting.

The day is almost done and I am sooooo looking forward to going home and setting up my new phone line and internet!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

When is Enough Too Much

Ok, I think it has just become apparent to me that I have gotten myself involved in too many things. I broke up with a boyfriend 3-4 months ago and took on all this stuff, these things, hobbies, social commitments, personal interests that I had been ignoring for years. I took leaps, bounds, jumps in general to meet new people. And now it's like I've jumped into a the Grand Canyon of commitments and I seem to have lost that rope that was going to help me climb to the top of the canyon.

I have the next two months almost completely planned out with social engagements, school work, and real work. Therefore, I am not prepared for the unexpected. Like yesterday when I came home to find out that my electricity was turned off and I was not going to be able to go for a run like I was planning because I had to wait for the BGE guy. So what do I do? I get all huffy, eat a bowl of cereal, read, take a nap, wake up 15 mins later and decide that I am wasting valuable hours of production! So I decide to line my kitchen cabinets!

Did I mention that I am Type-A?

I like that I have commited myself to soooo many social engagements. Too many. It makes me feel desired and valuable by friends and family. Plus I've been offered some really great opportunities! I get to do this Lazy River float thing at Gun Powder Falls this weekend, see an O's game on Sunday. Next weekend I get to donate my time to this Teen Tobacco Clinic at Artscape Sat and Sun! On top of that I have to make sure that my homework is done by Monday and I take these online quizes by Tuesday and read the new material by Wednesday in order to be prepared for my four hour class on Thurs.

I need a vacation. A serious vacation! One where I do NOTHING! No sight seeing, no planned anything. Spontaneous fun! and relaxing. I just want to read, watch movies, knit/crochet, take long walks. Sit still. Maybe some yoga. Someone else can make the food, do the laundry, put the weather stripping on the doors, line the kitchen cabinets, hem the curtains, and show up for the social commitments.

Maybe I'll just clone myself! Just for a little bit. Genius!

On a more positive and less ranty note. I have been having a ton of fun as of late.

I recently went to a Stitch-N-Bitch with the Baltimore Broads. It was a ton of fun. I didn't get any of my work done but it was lovely to spend time with the ladies. It also felt great to see them enjoying the fine domestic art of knitting! "Hooked ladies, I'm gonna getcha hooked!"

Let's see then there was the oh so fun yet somewhat photographically embarrasing Ladies Night at my Girlfriends place two weeks ago!

Note: Seven women, 8 bottles of wine, trays of cheese, a game of Hoopla, bad retro R&B does not a good photo make. And who's idea was it for the side ponytails? Mine? Whoops!

Before I part let me just say to all those crafters out there, I have been knitting. I am working on a jems vest by Saunshine. It's my first attempt at clothing so it is not that great yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I will try to post pictures of it soon.

'till we meet again!
Good Day!