Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Listomania Part 2!

Back in October some time I had created a post titled Listomania. This list was part goal part reminder to myself. I recently reread this list and realized it needs a bit of revision.

So here we go: Listomania 2007 make-over!

Projects Started:

1. Central Park Hoodie, due date: 2/14/07
2. Socktoberfest, due date: before I start another pair (shameful)
3. Brown Sweater Tank, due date: is currently finished but need to redo neckband. We'll say before summer, so 6/01/07.
4. Ribbed Scarf to match brother's hat.

Completed Projects from first Listomania

1. Red Scarf
2. Sister Scarf
3. Brown Sweater Tank, technically it is finished.
4. Odessa
5. Irish Hiking Scarf

Projects I want to start in February

1. A fluffy white hat that I have no pattern for but promised Bridget.
2. Irish Hiking Scarf for me
3. Clapoits
4. Falling Leaf Scarf for Mamasita
5. Star face washcloth from Weekend Knitting

Non Knitting related Project to finish

1. Crocheted Granny Square Blanket
2. Quilt
3. More Sewing
4. Clean my bath tub ( i dread this and think sending it out into cyber space will help me get it done).

All done! Not too bad, I got few things crossed off the old list and the new one looks promising!

Wish me luck.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tic Toc, You Don't Stop

That is seriously the lamest post title I've ever used.

So, it has been a while since my last post and while I have accompished little knitting I have been uber busy!

The gym thing has acutally started working out and just when I thought I was going to take a break last week after going four days in a row would you believe I received a phone call from the gym again?! This time it was the personal trainer calling to see if I wanted to take a canceled appt. time that day. So once again I got called when I tried to cheat on my own goals. Damn that amazing gym I joined!

In other news...I'm going to be on television!!!! Ok, that's mostly, partly true. My little brother will be on television for It's Academic on March 3rd. I was in the audience for taping so it is most possible that I will be on television for a split second when the camera pans the audience. My brother's team did really well but Pikesville stole the game in the end. It was really neck and neck at the end there, I was covering my eyes and my heart was pumping, I was so nervous for their team. (See him in the middle there). I was so proud of him, he was the team captian. Go Dylan!!!

Speaking of televised game shows, this weekend Bridget and I drove to New York where she and her brother, Michael, were trying out to be constestants in a show called World Series of Pop Culture on VH1 (how do i know all these celebrities!?). The tryouts were on Saturday so Bridget and I drove up to Brooklyn to stay with a friend on Friday. The highlight of the Friday, after the snow storm we drove through, was dinner. Our gracious host served us Beer Can Chicken! Ever heard of this? Ever had it? It's great! I think I'm going to give Rootbeer Can Chicken a try and see how it turns out!

So, Bridget, Michael, and their third teammate Molly tried out for the gameshow on Sunday and sadly did not make it to the third round for qualification to the game show. But we here at YarnCoffee would like to give them a big shout-out for making it through to the second round! WooHoo. Go Regal Beagels!

Have I done any knitting this new year? Gotten anything accomplished in the first month out of 12 for 2007? In fact I have. Say hello to the back of my Central Park Hoodie (CPH)! "Hellloooo".

I am now 1/3 of the way through the left front. My goal is to complete it before Valentine's Day. Yes, because it's red and I want to wear it for the holiday.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Resolve, it's not just a carpet cleaner!

It's a new year and that means a new me, right? Well kinda.

Like many people I made some resolutions on January 1, 2007. I resolved to finish my degree in May, apply for the job I want in March, visit Ireland in August (this one goes hand-in-hand with my resolution to be more financially responsible by paying off car and credit debt and get a 6month CD), move to Boston, MA in September, and oh yea, join a gym and really start taking care of myself.

So far I'm doing pretty good. I called and canceled all but one credit card and made some large payments on them this month. I did research for my Ireland trip. And on December 31st I joined a gym!

The problem is that I have yet to go to the gym. Now, to be fair, I was not in the area for the first seven days of the new year. However, I was responsible enough to inform the gym that I would gone till the 8th. This way my 14 day money back guarentee wouldn't begin till the 8th. It has now begun and I am on day three of not going to the gym. Like any great procrastinator I have given myself a ton of excuses.

"I'm too tired from being away and really should clean my house and get some sleep before I start this new schedule" (Monday)

"I'm still really tired" (Tuesday)

"Plus, I haven't had any "me" time. I should give myself one day to relax and do what I want, totally self indulge, before I start my new routine" (Tuesday)

"Even if I were to go the gym I would feel silly. I don't know how any of those machines work. I should wait till Monday when I have my personal trainer appt." (Tuesday)

"Ok, I really shouldn't go if I don't know how the combination to my new locker lock, I might look silly if I can't get my locker open!" (Tuesday, again)

Then it became obvious, I have...Gymphobia! How could this have happened? How did I contract it? I did all the right things. I joined a woman's only gym so I won't be embarrassed sweating to the oldies in front of Fabeo. I was very comfortable when I did the gym tour, loved my sales rep, got a great deal, packed my bag (it's been sitting my car since Sunday night), highlighted all the classes I was interested in checking out on the class schedule.

I decided to give into my many excuses and just go home after work, after all I was really tired, needed "me" time, didnt' know my combination, and who would have to know? It's not like the gym is going to call me and yell at me.

Except, they did!

Last night as I am settling down with my spaghetti dish, wine, Friends, lap top, and of course knitting, the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number so I curiously answered:

Me: "Hello?"

Gym: "Hi, Sara? This is Stacy from "the gym""

Me: "Oh! Hi (studdering) he, hey! How's it, uh, going Stacy?"

Stacy: "Great! Just wanted to call and see how your gym experience has been going?!"

Me: shit! she knows! "Um, I haven't been yet."

Stacy: "Oh no, really? Why not"

Me: "Uh, I kinda have Gymphobia"

Stacy: "Oh no, why." (apparently Gymphobia does exist and I didn't just make that up)

Me: "Oh you know, I just don't know the machines, and I figured I'd wait till my personal training appt. Plus, I don't know my locker combination yet"

Stacy: (laughing, at me, which is expected) "Oh no, you're just making up excuses aren't you?"

Me: in a whiney voice "Maybe. Yes."

Stacy: "Ok, how about this, what time can you get to the gym tomorrow?"

Me: "I was going to try to be there at five."

Stacy: "Great! I have a four thirty but will meet you at five by the front desk. I will show you how unscary the treadmill is and even some other equipment if you would like. This way you have a standing appt. with someone so you have to show up, ok?!"

Me: "Wow, really? That would be great, ya I would have to go knowing you were expecting me! Thanks!"

So, there you go. My gym resolution officially begins today. And how great is my gym that they go out of their way to call and encourage me to get in after I've already paid them?! I think I made a good decision.

Another smashying decision I made was to start on my new knitting goals! First on the list is to knit a wearable article of clothing, first challange the covited Central Park Hoodie! So Saturday I went to Annapolis' Yarn Garden and bought some beautiful Tahki Donagul Tweed in a georgous shade of crimson. I also got myself my very first pair of Lantern Moon knitting needles, and a clover row counter (I'm not very good at keeping count though, any suggestions?). The wonderfully patient woman at the Yarn Garden also demonstrated how to use the swift and ball winder and then I wound three skiens. It was great, I'm completely addicted and plan on purchasing both...soon!

Here's a pic of my purchases:

Now that I've started one new project of course I have strong desires to start about five others. On that list would definitely be the Clapotis! Oh the fingers are itching and the needles are clicking!

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sara needs

I found this meme on someone else's blog and thought it was interesting:

Did you know that you can type "(your name)needs" into google and get some amazing results? Here is what I got:

1. Sara needs a loving playful home.
2. Sara needs you.
3. Sara needs, Sara time.
4. Sara needs to discover the experts in the area.
5. Sara: Needs common to all humanity.
6. Sara needs a kind soul to sponser her.
7. Sara needs a sense of individuality before anything else in her life can become truly meaningful. (interesting)
8. Sara needs to keep it curly,and with volume. (haha)
9. Sara needs to go on a school outing.
10. Sara needs to go, she needed to go weeks ago. (go where?)

Lastly, my favorite:

11. Sara's needs are met. (good conclusion)

You should try this if you haven't, it's kinda fun.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Knitter's Year in Review

(For some reason blogger is not displaying this post how it was intended with descriptions by each picture. So unless blogger changes it's mind I'll just apologize for lack of viewable descriptions).

Wow! I can't believe how much I've knitted this past year. Ya know, I got on this whole knitting kick because my coworker bought me the Girl's Guide to Simple Knits for Christmas in 2004. So, in 2005 I knitted a hat and three scarves out of that book. However, I was far too intimidated by such things as sweaters even if the book promised they were simple. I stuck with my crocheting for most of 2005 because it was what I was familiar with and I knew I could do it quick and evenly. But I must say this year I impressed myself. I stepped out of those timid shoes and became a full fledged knitter. And thanks to my many adventurous knitting nature and some help from fellow knitting friends I am really surprised at how far my knitting capabilities have come this past year!

In 2006 I learned how to drop and pick-up stitches, I learned how to create holes by yarning over, I learned how to make cables, knit-in-the-round, bead knitting, and use 2 colors! And I learned what LYS (local yarn store), KAL (Knit-A-Long), and DPNs (double pointed needles) mean as well as some of the other hip knitting lingo. I often doubt myself when it comes to learning but I must say that I really impressed myself this year. Good job you!

For own personal self gratification I have provided a list of what I completed in 2006:

1. The Bobble Scarf - I found this scarf to be very time consuming for the length I finally got out of it. However, it has been my most frequently worn scarf this "winter". I love it's squishy, foamy texture! (ignore the date on the photo, stupid old camera)

2. The Great Blue Blanket - This took me 3 years to complete! And it turns out that it's not completely perfect by any means. It is actually crochet and not knitting but it is made of yarn so it counts! I discovered a few crochet techniques in the Happy Hooker book that I didn't use for the blanket that would have created a more correct series of stitches. Oh well, she's done, she's warm, and she's mine. I love her!

Baby Blue Sweater - This is my first crocheted piece of clothing. It's a baby sweater that I crocheted while watching the Steelers win last years Super Bowl. It only took about 3 hours and the matching booties took about 1 hour. So cute! However, the arms are a little short for an actual baby and the yarn is a little bulky but laying on this table it looks like it might fit some small human. (again, ignore the date on photo)

Wrist Warmer/ Mitten set - This kit was a Christmas gift last year and I made them quite quickly while catching up on Weeds (the show, not product). They were cute and fairly easy, they were also my first attempt at a gusset, hello thumb!

5. Famous Brown Sweater Tank - I think this sweater tank will haunt me during 2007 until I make another one that actually fits. I'll say nothing else about it, there are several posts already dedicated to it's construction.

6. The Lone Blue Sock - Although I never completed my "pair" of socks for Socktoberfest I did complete my very first sock ever and that to me is as equally exciting. As any true sock knitter I contracted Second Sock Syndrome while attempting to make the complete pair and therefore am still working the second sock.

7. Red Scarf Project - My first ever charitable knitted item! I hope the college student who receives it will enjoy. I used Crazy Aunt Purl's pattern from her coworker's scarf post.

8. Ribbon Scarf for Tara - This is the dropped stitch scarf I made for my sister for her 26th birthday. It turned out much better than the photo actually portrays. It was about 50 inches long.

9. Odessa! - I was so excited to be able to join the many other knitters that participated in the Odessa KAL. BySarah was really great with supplying me with the necessary glass beads and even taking time to demonstrate bead knitting for me. Thanks Sarah!

10. Mini Sweaters! - These made great Christmas ornament gifts this year. I kept the striped one for myself, sent the red to my Secret Pal 9, and the green one was put in Bridget's stocking. I started making a forth but then realized that I had to start on another project.

11. Brother's Awesome Hat - I finished this hat one week before Christmas. It took about 5-6 hours total and ended up fitting brother perfectly. He had originally asked for a grey hat with ear flaps that said "AWESOME" across the front. While he claims he would have happily worn the that one I thought this one was a little more versatile, like he might wear it past the age of 16.

11 projects! I would say that's a pretty good amount of knitting. It's almost 1 project a month. This year my goal is to make a garment I can actually wear in public, like a sweater, or a sweater vest!

Here's to knitting past, present, and future.

Happy Knitting!