Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun, knitting, presents, and family!

The whole weekend was spent spoiling Mamasita. Her birthday was earlier in the month and since my little brother, Dylan, and I couldn't spend it with her we decided to celebrate her day-of-birth on Saturday and then Mother's Day on Sunday.

But before I get into all the details of Mamasita and her fabulous weekend, let me share this with you...

This would be Dylan trying on a tuxedo jacket! On Saturday before all of our festivities I took him to After Hours Formal Wear to rent a tux. You may recall him from this post in which his hair was out-of-control long. I can't believe he's growing up so fast! We're ten years apart so he's the first person I've ever watched grow-up (literally). Well, this handsome guy is now going to Prom, not his that's next year. Apparently he'll be one of those cool Juniors going to Senior Prom at his high school. He's so handsome!

Ok, enough bragging about my awesome brother. hehe

So, on Saturday night Dylan, Mom, Denny, and I all took Mamasita to the Severn Inn for a Birthday dinner. I truly wish that prices were about half of what they actually are because I would love to eat at this place more frequently, everything was delicious! (note the green bracelet she's wearing!)At the restaurant we decided to give Mamasita her gifts. At first she was a little hesitant to open some of them...she saw a Yankee Candle Box and got a little discouraged. Not that she dislikes Yankee Candle but she just doesn't need one more candle. However, all her concerns were quickly put to rest once she opened the box...

She seemed elated to finally have her very own pink IPOD Nano! Yay!

My brother and I made sure to provide her all the necessary traveling accessories and got an armband for walking and a car radio adapter so she can listen to her awesome new IPOD in her Prius.

Happy Birthday Mamasita!

And if you can believe it the presents didn't stop there! On Sunday morning Mamasita and I got up and took a nice 3 mile walk, then I treated her and I to pedicures. Then She, myself, and Dylan all hopped in the car and drove to the Verizon Wireless store where Mamasita got a brand new pink Razr and Dylan finally got his very own cell phone (something I'm pretty sure he's been waiting for since he was 11 and I got mine, however I think he's less interested in playing video games on it and more into talking to his friends).

When we all finally got back from that adventure I finally gave Mamasita the gift I've been working on Since February. It came out pretty well considering how scrunched up it looked before I blocked it.

The Branching Out Leaf Scarf: It's not quite long enough to be worn without the help of a broach but I told her that it could be used as a decorative piece, a table runner. etc. Here's the model shot as shown on Knitty:To find out more details about the yarn I used and how long it took me check out my profile on! (tomorrow)
By Sunday afternoon we were all pooped. I spent the rest of my time knitting on the couch while Mamasita and Dylan played with their new phones.
I did manage to finish one Mason Dixon washcloth last night and will soon post pictures.
Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Festival Happenings!

Where-o-where to begin? Let's put it this way I had so much fun and so much sheep excitement that I called out of work yesterday!

My group waited till Sunday to head out to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival which turns out was the most excellent idea because, from what I've read, Saturday was extremely crowded. Sunday however was a delight, the weather was cooler and there a little wind but really it was quite perfect. It was warm in the sun and there was plenty of sheepy fun to go around.

My group, Emily, Stephanie, Kristin, Emily's Mom, and I all got the festival around 12:30 and headed right for the barns full of sheepies.

There was sheepie shearing...

Horny Sheepies...

Playful brother Sheepies...

Cute but sneaky Sheepies (this sheep was trying to eat the safety pins off his friend's coat!)...

And lastly...

Sheepie booty!!!!

I love that photo, "four little sheepies all in a row with their booties all a show...tra la la la la!".

So after the sheepie viewing and petting we headed over to get some food, we had to make sure we didn't shop on empty stomachs. There were many food vendors this year offering the usual menu:

Let's just say that PETA would not have been happy but for argument's sake, they are not wasting animals in anyway, full use my friend!

Here we are with full tummies ready to do some sheep wool shopping!

At one of our first stops we met the editors of SpinOff magazine and were given a handspinning demo. I was given a similar demo the year before and thought I was going to be amazing at handspinning, it didn't quite work out that way... But it looks like Stephanie got the hang of it!

When we finally left our cameras, hands, and shopping bags were quite full!

Here's my loot:

I purchased the Mason Dixon Knitting Book and the Knit2Together. I know I can get these anywhere but I had a budget set aside for all knitting desires and I reasoned that it better to increase my library than my stash (which is in need of some trimming). I purchased 1 skien from a local vendor whose name I will post later. It is a 688 yard hank of 50/50 wool/silk. I was hoping to use this to make the Clapotis but unfortunately, after knitting a guage swatch last night I think it's going to be too thin...? Hmmm, what can I do with it now? It's fingering weight, maybe I could make a shawl. The other yarn is 100% wool adn from an out-of-state vendor. she had this great scarf on display that had ribbon running through it and in a last minute surge I bought the yarn and ribbon to make one for myself. I think I'll start that one soon!

Lastly, here is this year's attempt at spinning:
I think I'm getting better. Give me a couple more festival demonstrations and I might have it down!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2207!!!!

Going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday!!!! Many photos and stories soon to come!