Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Deep in Scarves Creek

Finally I have been knitting!

I've just started a scarf called Forbes Forest! I am trying to get a jump on the winter wardrobe before Fall gets here. I'm just using acyclic yarn from Red Heart for the scarf but it's what I had laying around and figured there would be more than enough to make this scarf and perhaps a matching hat.

I've also made some progress on my Cardigan for Arwen! This has been a slow process for me which I started back in February but I do hope to have it mostly completed come October.

And last weekend when I wasn't knitting I was visiting these lovely little Angles/Devils (nieces Betty (7) on left and Lily (5) on right)up at Deep Creek Lake where my family was vacationing all week. I couldn't make it till Friday night because I was interviewing and training the new hire for my position. Although they are my sister's girls and technically my sister and I are not blood related, I like to think that my nieces look just like me!

Then yesterday I got to work (2 days left at old job!) and my wonderful coworker, Kristin (who crochets) brought in the most beautiful crocheted blanket just for me! I was so excited I kept it with me all day at the desk while I was training someone. She makes about 10 blankets a year and I've always coveted them.

More knitting this weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This post will contain no fluff, no pretty pictures, and no knitting updates.

What it will do is inform you that...

1. I got a new job! Effective August 6th I will be working the corporate world of merchandise management for a men's clothing company! This puts both of my degrees to work, go me!

2. I've been dating. Dating so much that I have little knitting time, thus no knitting updates.

3. I've been enjoying the summer. BBQ's, trips to the beach for the weekend, Happy Hours on patios in the city, dinner parties, and this weekend a trip to Deep Creek to visit with the family.

So nothing to show off but more will come soon, I promise.

Keep Knitting!

Monday, July 02, 2007


It was the Phillies versus the Cincinnati Reds! Bottom of the 8th, 5 to 6, bases loaded, full count, and a section full of Knitters!?! Wait a minute, is that right? Knitters at a baseball game? Who invited them, who knits at a ball park? These people that's who!

Last Tuesday night Bridget and I headed out to Philadelphia for a night of knitting and baseball courtesy of her parents who gave me the tickets as a graduation gift! Her parents had stumbled across this article online about this knitting group that travels around hosting knitting nights at baseball stadiums. They are a program of The National NeedleArts Association, Inc. and the group is called Stitch-N-Pitch.

Unfortunately, the closest game was in Philadelphia. Hopefully next year they'll host at Camden's and I can avoid the 3 hour commute home at 10pm. But regardless of traffic Bridget and I had a great time!

When you go to Philly you gotta get a cheese steak or it's just not worth the trip!

The stadium was packed that night! The Phillies won easily, sorry Reds.

Every Knitter who had a ticket to sit in the Stitch-N-Pitch section received a free tote bag full of coupons, a pattern, a Phillies magnet calendar, one skein of yarn in Phillies colors (red and blue), and one set of Clover size 11 wooden needles. These bags were abandoned for a while and I thought they're owners may never come back!

Here Bridget is learning to knit. (the two men sitting next to her were straight out of the movie, Grumpy Old Men! haha).

All that knitting makes Bridget very thirsty!

After much hesitation I finally broke out my knitting needles too! I'm not much for knitting in public but once the needles were out it felt completely normal! (here I am working on a scarf to match my brother's hat from last Christmas).

Bridget and I had a great time, the Phillies won, the food was great, and the knitting was plentiful!

Thanks Stitch-N-Pitch!