Monday, December 31, 2007

Year's End

I cannot believe I have not posted in almost a month. This year has really flown by and I think it's pretty clear that since the startup of Ravelry I've been blog MIA.

Well, I have some big blog news!

On the last day of this year, 2007, I'm posting my final post to this blog name. It's been a good blog name but not one I ever really connected with or felt truly expressed who I was or my love of knitting.

Upon a recent survey with family and friends I've decided to rename my blog The Knitting Type. You can follow the link to view it, but please keep in mind that I just set it up so all my links and photos are not current and will be updated over the next month.

Now that the big announcement is out of the way I can finally post some of the things I've been knitting for the holidays!

I made three Mug Cozies for my coworkers: I filled them with hot coccoa, chocolate, and candycanes! You can ignore the zyrtec hershey kisses in the mug above, my coworker gave them out as a joke. Sorry the photo is so dark but I forgot to take photos of them at home and had to use my cell phone camera at the office.

I then made a knitted swatch bangle for another coworker: all her jewelry was stolen recently when her house was robbed so I figured she deserved some new jewelry!

Lastly, I made for my friend Kristin an Irish Hiking Scarf. She and my friend Gabe have been bugging me to make them something hand knit for 2 years now. And since I am not the speediest of knitters Kristin received her handmade knit first...Gabe will get her's next year.
This year I also made 2 Ballband washcloths for my friend Bridget but again, in all the rush to get christmas knits completed and wrapped I forgot to take photos.
I'm currently working on the Cardigan for Arwen but have huge plans for the next sweater I'm going to start! You'll be able to read about it on the new blog soon!

Christmas flew by this year. I decorated the apt., made the gifts, baked the cookies, went to the parties, and the next thing I knew it was Christmas morning! Mom, Dylan, Denny and I all had a great Christmas opening presents, laughing, and sharing in the holiday spirit. However, I don't think any of us had more fun than the family dog, Sally. She decided that this year her new gift from Santa was his hat. She proceeded to pull it out of our decoration box and wouldn't let it go for over 24 hours. By the end of all the celebrating the hat was torn apart and Sally was joyfully exhausted.
Hope you all had a joyfully exhausting holiday season as well!
See you over at my blog!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mama Said...

You Should Get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

You're a blooming artistic talent, even if you aren't quite convinced.

You'd make an incredible artist, photographer, or film maker.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.